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Travelling by Car/Taxi

Car sharing

For a multitude of reasons, some journeys have to be undertaken by car. However, have you ever considered car sharing? This can be particularly convenient for the journey to work, with ever increasing fuel costs making the daily commute more and more expensive, and the opportunity to save on travel costs more appealing. Hantscarshare is an online car sharing database to help people find other people they can car share with in Hampshire. To register online simply visit Should you encounter any problems please follow the online instructions or phone 01962 847474.


Do you have a second car? Do you really need that second car? The savings offered by selling your second car can pay for a lot of taxi rides when walking, cycling or using public transport does not fit the bill!

Details of local taxi operators in Romsey include:

  • Nightingale Cars of Romsey: Tel 07500 724 724
  • Pegasus Cars: Tel 01794 502 992
  • Romcars of Romsey: Tel 01794 524 326