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Walking and Cycling

Walking and cycling are excellent ways of staying healthy, controlling your weight, and keeping happy. When walking, 'The Ramblers' suggest that brisk is best, where they relate this will improve performance of the heart, lungs and circulation, and lower blood pressure. It also reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and strokes. Walking regularly at any speed will help manage weight, reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes, reduce the risk of certain cancers, and improve the flexibility and strength of joints, muscles and bones. Cycling offers a low impact activity which places less stress on the knees and ankles when compared to other activities like running.

A town the size of Romsey is ideal for walking and cycling. Most parts of the town can be reached conveniently on foot or by bicycle. For example:

  • Romsey Cupernham School: 5 minute cycle / 11 minute walk
  • Rail Station: 9 minute cycle / 28 minute walk
  • Town centre: 11 minute cycle / 34 minute walk
  • Romsey School: 11 minute cycle / 34 minute walk
  • Romsey Rapids: 11 minute cycle / 34 minute walk

Click here for a plan which shows the typical walking times to local destinations in Romsey, and here for one which shows the typical cycle times. Obviously you may be a bit slower if you have children 'in-tow'! For free walking and cycling related downloads produced by Test Valley Borough Council click here.

The town has a comprehensive network of quiet streets and segregated footway/cycleways. Canal Walk, which provides access to the town centre and rail station is particularly attractive to walkers and cyclists. From Abbotswood, Canal Walk is best accessed via Woodley Lane or via the area for nature conservation to the west of the development (emerging onto Cupernham Lane). From there, Canal Walk can be accessed either via Fishlake Meadows or alternatively, via Homefield / Newlyn Walk / Old Road to the west of Cupernham Lane. This plan shows common walking/cycling routes in Romsey.

Cycle storage facilities are available throughout the town, including at the rail station, Waitrose foodstore, Test Valley Borough Council offices, various locations in the town centre, and Romsey Rapids. Within Abbotswood, cycle parking will also be available at the local centre and adjacent to the pavilion building.

The nearest bicycle store to Abbotswood is Cycle World Wessex on Winchester Road. If you're a new homeowner at Abbotswood, you'll find a claim form for a 25 voucher in the back of your Welcome Pack to use at this store. The voucher can be used towards a new bicycle, or bicycle accessories.

Find out more about local clubs here.

To find out more about walking and cycling in Test Valley please also visit: